North Korea Naval Midget Submarine PAGE

2001 / 3 / 11 New.

Illustrated by Keita Kamikita / Combat Magagine
M100-D Midget Submarine
Length : 18.8m
Width : 2.7m
Displacement : 76t
Displacement (Under Water) : 88t
Draught : 2.5m
Main Engine : Electric Motor X 2 (Single Shaft : 68hp)
Max Speed : 6Kn
Max Speed (Under Water) : 7.4Km/h
Crew : 4 + 8
Special hatches were equipped in the bottom of M-100D Midget Submarine.
M-100D was able to take out the special attack team outside with no appear
on the surface of the sea.
Sava Class Submarine
Length : 65.8m
Diameter : 7m
Displacement : 770t
Displacement (Under Water) : 964t
Draught : 5.5m
Main Engine : Diesel-Electric X 1 (Single Shaft : 2400hp)
Max Speed (Under Water) : 29.8Km/h
Crew : 35
Sang-O Class Submarine (North Korea)
Sang-O (Shark) Crass is the submarine to reduce Sava Crass to 350 tons. The Sang-O Class was made in the North Korea. The Sang-O Class eqquips special hatches in the bottom also similarly to M-100D.

Hi Speed Submergible Boat (North korea)

Length : 12.8m
Width : 2.9m
Draught : 0.62m
Displacement : 10t
Draught : 2.5m
Engine : Engine X 3
Max Speed :
74 - 93Km/h (On the water)
85Km/h (Under the water)
Submarge Limit : 3m
Crew : 6 - 8
Special Equipment :
GPS, Electric wave absorption paints, Schnorchel

The boat was sunk in December 1998 by the South Korean navy Destroyer.